Mailiao harbor marine ecology survey and environmental photography project achievements


Mailiao Port always imposes strict requirements that ships must comply with safety and environmental protection regulations when carrying out loading and unloading operations and therefore the water quality at the port area remains pristine, creating a favorable ecological environment for marine species.

We entrust the “National Marine Technology University of Kaohsiung” to carry out a survey of marine ecology and environmental photography plan,during which a total of 148 marine creatures are identified inside and outside Mailiao Port and 69 kinds of birds are also recorded in the green ecological environment of adjacent areas, indicating the ecological diversity in the port and its periphery.

Links to the videos showing the outcomes

Green ecology near Liuqing and Mailiao Port (under water ecology)

Green ecology near Liuqing and Mailiao Port (ecology on land)

Episode 9 of the Report on the Beauty of Liuqing -Mailiao Port

Dolphins can somersault and a pleasant tour of Mailiao Port

Yunlin news web-survey the marine ecology at Mailiao Port