Mailiao Harbor is located at Mailiao area of the offshore Primary Industry Zone in Yunlin County. The Yunlin offshore Primary Industry Zone is a project planed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and based on the national development of primary industry to co-op with the land necessity of the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Complex Project and its expansion, is to domestically provide existing and future necessities for the construction and relocation of the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Business, is planed to develop the industrial zone by way of dredging sea sands for the landfill to create offshore lands.

The lands created include Mailiao、Hsin Hsing、Tai Hsi、and Ssu Hu; and Mailiao area is the Petrochemical zone under the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Complex Project which was proceeded by the Conglomerates of Formosa Plastic for the landfill, and the special purpose wharves inside the Mailiao Harbor were all constructed to cooperate with the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Complex Project. In the funure, to go with the construction progress of Hsin Hsing Zone、Tai His Zone and Ssu Hu Zone, there will be kept some areas to be constructed to support for businesses in those zones. According to Mailiao Harbor Operation Project Plan, the yearly operation amount of the Harbor will reach 48 million tons on the initial phase; the Harbor is not only the deepest international port in our nation, when the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Complex Project starts its massive production and the first-phase construction for the 20 specialized wharves are completed, the Harbor’s operation amount will leap up to 70 million tons and even more. Mailiao Harbor will be the biggest specialized port for transporting raw materials and processed products in the industrial zone.


  • 2001/03/01 Operate Officially.
  • 2001/02/22 Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs、Ministry of Comunications、Ministry of the Interior、Ministry of Finance、Ministry of National Defense、Department of Coast Guard、Department of Environment Protection、Committee of Agriculture Affairs and the Government of Yunlin County have already finished an inspection of this project.
  • 1997/04/09 The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Communications bulletined to appoint Mailiao Harbor is spectifically constructed for the import and export of raw materiais and processed products in the offshore Primary Industry Zone of Yunlin County, and permitted the Inbound and Outbound foreign trade vessels and vessels of the Republic of China.
  • 1997/02/27 Letter from the Executive Yuan appointed Maitiao Harbor as an industrial harbor.
  • 1996/10/22 Consented by the Executive Yuan of the defined area of Mailiao Harbor.
  • 1993/07/07 Approved by the Executive Yuan to build up the Mailiao Harbor.

About Mailiao Harbor Administration  Corp.


  • The first case of constructing and administrating a harbor which is invested and operated by a private enterprise.
  • In the harbor administration system, except for those businesses that government sectors will be involved to execute their authorities, the operation at site and the administration of other harbor affairs and berths businesses are all responsible by the private enterprise.
  • The soil dredged from the harbor channels and turning basins provides for the sea filling and thus creating lands in the industrial zone, which not only solves the problem of discarding soil but also greatly decreases the landfill costs.
  • The water depth of the vessel channel is 24 Meters which is able to support the In and Out of oil tankers, and the harbor is the deepest one in Taiwan area.
  • The harbor project facilitates 20 specialized wharves and are primarily for the usage required by factories in Mailiao Zone, and reserve the South public wharves to also consider the necessity of factories of Tai His Zone and Hsin Hsing Zone.





Dircction;Facing West Slanting to South 34Deg. / Depth:EL-24M / Width:390M
In/Out Channel
Length about:2500M、Depth When Medium Tide:24M
Turning Basin
Specialized Wharves:20、Public Wharves:10
Harbor-Craft Basin
Reserved for harbor-craft to anchor, add water and fill oil
Ship & Machinery Repairing Chutes
Reserved for harbor-craft to repair, examine/test and maintain
Port Area
Area:1597.7 ha. Inside port area:476 ha. Land area:179.15 ha. Outside port area:944 ha.