Primary purpose of implementing the safety, health and environmental project

To maintain the safety of the port and protect its environment, ensure the port area is free of disaster and pollution and achieve the objective of sustainable operation.

Scope of work

  • To inspect the safety and health of ships in the port area.
  • To approve the application for loading/unloading of hazardous goods to/from ships (except ships carrying non-hazardous goods)
  • To coordinate matters among the container operators, carriers, owners of goods and other relevant units.
  • To review the documents regarding the port safety (including but not limited to ship control, incoming application, application for underwater project construction in the port and renovation of ships).
  • To clean the aquatic environment in the port and collect the wastes from ships docked at the port.
  • Drills and training
    1. Maritime pollution emergency response drill:
      On Oct. 18, 2017, the 2017 Mailiao Port Maritime Pollution Emergency Response Drill was carried out in conjunction with 17 units including the industrial bureau, environmental protection agency, fire fighting bureau and plastics company and the drill was a success with a total of 9 ships launched, 6 vehicles mobilized and 120 personnel participating. For the photos of the drill, see (for example, 20171018 2017 maritime pollution emergency response drill photos.doc).
    2. ISPS training:
      On Oct. 27, 2017, a health promotion and training session entitled “Preventive Measures Adopted by Mailiao Port against Zika, Dengue Fever and Enterovirus ”was carried out and Huang Wenzheng from the disease control bureau was invited to act as the instructor at the training session with a total of 55 participants from Mailiao port authorities, ship brokers and relevant units. For the photos of the drill, see (for example, 20171027 ISPS and health education & training photos.doc).

Items that are being promoted

Green transport plan at Mailiao Port.